Our values

Our values are at the heart of our culture

We created our values as a team and they set the direction for how we think, work, and treat one another. 

See in this video how our team members describe what culture means to them.

Value 01: Think One team

We set ambitious goals, embrace accountability, and succeed as a team.

In this video our colleague Alexandra describes how we live the value; Think One team.

Value 02: Dream big

We dare to solve profound challenges so we can help make end-users lives better.

In this video our colleague Tamara describes how we live the value; Dream big.

Value 03: Adapt fast

We have an agile mindset and setup so that we can adapt to change - fast.

Here, our colleague Martin describes how we live the value; Adapt fast.

Value 04: Be open
We treat one another with respect, embrace accountability, and provide feedback so that, we grow - together.

Listen to our colleague Thomas describes how we live the value; Be open.

Value 05: Feel good
We're here to change the world. Our passion and energy will make it happen. 

Watch our colleague Katharina describe how we live the value; Feel good.

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