A healthy mind begins with a healthy microbiome

Mental wellness and brain health are major concerns in today’s world

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of people between 18-54 feel stressed1


of people suffering from stress have experienced disrupted sleep1


of people suffering from stress experience low mood1


of people with stress suffer from poor concentration1

A growing business opportunity

The global brain health supplement market is expected to reach USD 13.38 billion by 2028 while natural molecules accounted for the largest market share in 2020.2 The expansion of this segment is attributed to the easy availability and cost-effectiveness of the products. With these facts in mind, it's hardly surprising the brain health supplement market is set to grow at a CAGR of 8.3% by 2025.

This comes with a growing interest in brain health globally,2 and an evident shift in consumer behavior towards prophylactic care.2 These advances are paving the way for new product opportunities in the mental wellness market. As we continue to Rethink Tomorrow, we strive to marry consumer and market insights with cutting-edge science, to produce quality products aimed at maintaining and supporting mental wellness.

What is brain health?

According to the World Health Organization, “good brain health is a state in which every individual can realize their own abilities and optimize their cognitive, emotional, psychological, and behavioral functioning to cope with life situations”.3 This means that when we think about brain health, we should consider both ‘mental wellness’, which includes stress, mood, sleep, and vitality, and ‘cognitive health’, which encompasses learning, memory, attention, focus, and healthy aging.

Targeting the gut for better brain health

The gut-brain axis is a biological network comprising the gut (gastrointestinal tract), the enteric nervous system (our ‘second brain’ which regulates gastrointestinal function), and the brain.

Bidirectional communication along this network is critical for regulation of important functions in the body, such as immunity, digestion, metabolism, satiety, and the stress response.1 The vagus nerve is a long, wandering nerve extending from the brainstem in the back of the brain into organs located in the neck, chest, and abdomen, including the intestines. The vagus nerve not only carries signals from the brain but also carries sensory signals from the gut back to the brain. This allows the brain to sense the environment within the gut! Microbes within the gut can produce neurotransmitters and neuroactive molecules that can influence the brain. The scientific evidence shows that our gut microbes can influence how our brain functions, how we respond to stress, our mood, and even how we behave.5,6 The microbiota-gut-brain axis therefore plays an essential role in our overall health, including mental wellness and cognitive health.

What’s exciting is that this very signaling system is paving the way for pioneering supplements that can improve everyday health concerns with a mental component.

Gut-brain axis and mental wellness


A psychobiotic has been defined as any exogenous influence (i.e., probiotics, prebiotics, dietary fiber) whose positive effect on mental health is bacterially mediated.7 Introducing gut microbiota modulators such as probiotics into the diet can not only have a positive impact on digestive and metabolic health and support the immune system, but the beneficial effects of probiotics can be extended to the brain - and consumers are trusting the clinical evidence. One recent report shows that up to 45% of consumers are increasingly associating probiotics with benefits beyond gut health, such as cognitive health.8

Research has shown promising evidence about the effectiveness of probiotics on mental wellness outcomes such as stress. Evidence is now also accumulating to demonstrate a positive effect of probiotics on cognitive function over our entire human lifespan.9

Our goal is to lead the way in innovation for brain health and deliver clinically proven microbiome and enzyme solutions for mental wellness and cognitive health. The future looks promising and bright, and our team is excited to continue their journey to develop pioneering solutions that can improve everyday health concerns with a mental component.

A probiotic solution for mental wellness

When the knock-on effects of daily stress include disruption to sleep quality, deficits in concentration and attention, and a greater susceptibility to develop low mood and anxiety, it is clear we need a targeted solution. Introducing ProbioBrain™, a next generation probiotic solution.

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