A healthy gut is the center of our well-being

Empowering individuals to take control of their gut and digestive health

Our biological solutions for the gastrointestinal system are precise, targeted enzymes and probiotics, or a combination of the two, that have been intelligently designed hand-in-hand with consumers. We utilize the latest, proven technologies to create novel solutions that promote healthy digestion, and relieve discomfort related to gut conditions.

Enjoy life, with a healthy gut
and peace of mind

Gut health refers to the overall health of the gastrointestinal tract. It is related to a well-functioning digestive system that ensures our food and its essential nutrients are properly extracted to go wherever they are needed in the body. The gut functions with the help of our microbiome and is home to the largest microbial community in our body.1 There's increasing evidence (and public awareness) suggesting a healthy gut microbiome is important not only for optimal digestive health, but also for our mental health - as well as an effective immune system8,9. One could argue that the gut is both metaphorically and physically, the ‘center of our well-being’.

Consumers are hungry
for better solutions

What we eat, how we digest, and how we maintain good gut health is pivotal to most individuals. Given this, it makes sense statistics are suggesting the gut health boom is unlikely to disappear anytime soon, and the related supplement market is set to grow at a CAGR of 4,5% by 2026.2 This comes at a time where there is expanding research on the efficacy of supplements for preventing gut discomfort, while simultaneously, individuals are demanding natural solutions for their overall well-being.3

Taking a closer look, about one in two individuals experience food sensitivities or intolerancesand there is growing awareness around the challenges with exclusion diets, and the possibilities of personalized, or i-nutrition. With growing interest in ‘optimizing’ microbiomes for overall well-being, we are seeing a merging of nutrition and GI health, and the increasing development of targeted, quality solutions.4

From sick care to health care: Consumers seek proven, preventative solutions for their gut health

Over time, gastrointestinal health has developed from a focus on sick care, to preventative gut health and health optimization3,4,5. However, many people still come to learn about gut health through attempting to tackle their own GI discomfort. As the factors influencing gastrointestinal health are complex, many people try to self-diagnose through self-research3,4,5. Further, in an overcrowded market, it has become difficult to navigate and find clinically effective products that can reduce stomach worries and contribute to living a more carefree life3,4,5.

Developed with expert opinion and consumer insights

We recognize that the experiences of those living with digestive discomfort are difficult and unique to the individual. For this reason, we test our concepts and solutions with end-users at each stage of product development to gain their perspectives on the suitability of our product. We also consult with international key opinion leaders and health care practitioners to ensure our solutions are already trusted, tested, and endorsed by both end-users and professionals before they enter the market.

For instance, our products under the IBme™ brand help ease GI discomforts such as abdominal pain6,7, bloating6, gas7, diarrhea7, and constipation7. Each product has been studied in a population experiencing frequent GI discomfort, with clear results on their ability to reduce discomfort and improve overall quality of life6,7,8,9.

The IBme™ products are a testament to our dedication to quality solutions, and commitment to providing tangible benefits for those with lived experience of GI discomfort6,7,8,9.

Your partner in enabling individuals to regain dietary freedom

Our product portfolio includes a probiotic designed specifically for common gut discomfort as well as a strong clinical pipeline of groundbreaking innovations launching in the near future.

Our passionate experts are leading this booming industry, rethinking tomorrow’s possibilities in the realm of gastrointestinal health.



IBme™ is a probiotic clinically studied to reduce signs of gastrointestinal discomfort.

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IBme Dual

IBme Dual

IBme™ Dual is a leading probiotic product on the market that influences the gut-brain duality with clear modes of action.

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