Ready to start your own One-in-a-trillion journey?

Like you, we’re passionate about making a difference in consumer health and well-being. We understand the quest to​ find clinically provable bacteria strains, enzymes, and other bioactives to strengthen people’s health takes time and a little bit of genius. But we have the guts,​ and we have the best scientists​ in the industry on board.​ Some say we are rebels,​ but sometimes you need to rebel and part with traditional thinking.​

That’s why we offer partnerships and collaborations of all shapes and sizes to fit your brand’s purpose and goals. From bulk product to semi-finished and finished formats, we are here to help you. We also offer deeper co-development, strategic partnerships.

Our partnerships are like our products: One-in-a-trillion

Our technologies originate from consumer insights around their health concerns; they’re not broad-spectrum, flagship strain solutions.

We conduct extensive studies to understand our consumers and validate the solution’s demand in the market. The studies also help to support our partners’ product positioning and help them stand out on the shelf. Our One-in-a-trillion promise is an aspiration to identify and innovate proven solutions. This means when we identify a probiotic, enzyme, or other bioactive for a supplement solution, how it works in the body won’t be a mystery. This is our ‘no black boxes’ approach to scientifically proven solutions. 

Want to be unique? About co-development and co-creation

Strategic partners can take part in exploration around product positioning, product artwork, key visuals, and sessions delving into the regulatory landscape. We can co-develop and deliver the final product with you which might include artwork support as well as communication guidance. With our technology brand on the packaging, tailored marketing collateral, and product trainings, the final product will have strong backing and credibility.

Novozymes OneHealth offers you a truly unique product through our exclusive ownership of vast microbial and enzyme databases. This means we don't buy in common probiotic strains you might share with numerous competitors. What we create together will be a unique blend of our proprietary strains and excipients to meet your intended health claims. The formulation will be stable, regulatory-approved, and niche.

We support you for bulk, ready-to-fill, and finished formats

We offer branded/unbranded bulk powder blends, bulk ready-to-fill formats, and finished final products, complete with your artwork in the form of white label. We can also service customers with a B2B2C setup, for example, as final ‘consumer friendly’ formats in the form of private label. This enables you to add our solutions to your portfolio, regardless of your own capabilities and facilities.

For more details on a B2B2C partnership, contact us.

What the collaboration looks like

Supporting our partners is central to our Vision. Our products are created to work for the individual, and so are our partnerships. Avenues through which we can support you include sales presentations, mode of action videos, and key visuals. As our partner you will receive key product documentation to assist you with end-product development, manufacturing, and registration. You’ll also receive support with specific statements for non-standard inquiries, as well as support with application i.e., testing customers’ end products for activity and guidance on product formulation dos and don’ts.

Formatting and formulation

Our product portfolio supports a range of formats including capsules, tablets (including chewable), sachets, branded/unbranded bulk powders, and flavored products. We can create a diverse range of formulations and are experienced in conducting feasibility tests of various excipients (such as vitamins or botanicals) to ensure a suitable match.

Our regulatory capacities will also guide you through selecting and communicating evidenced health claims for your products, tailored to your market.

Flexible and efficient supply setup

Partnering with Novozymes OneHealth is an opportunity to access a flexible and efficient supply network. We utilize a hybrid manufacturing network which is foundational to our supply chain agility. We leverage our own facilities as well as our international CMO partners to both customize and localize product offerings for our customers. Our network offering also ensures that products can move efficiently through the production pipeline. In addition, if you are seeking a specific formatting for your product, please reach out and we can find and identify a solution for you.

Quality and regulatory approvals to support your product

We ensure all our solutions are attractive from a quality, regulatory, and ethics standpoint. Where possible and relevant, our products can be GRAS, HACCP manufactured, ISO certified, Halal/Kosher certified, non-animal origin or vegan/animal cruelty certified, GMO-free, allergen-free, and solvent-free.

Your partner in exploring new business opportunities

Thinking of expanding beyond your current area of health expertise? We can guide you through adding new biological solutions to your portfolio. All our technologies respond to consumer needs and are backed by science, enabling you to easily explain the product benefits to your customers.

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