Targeted solutions disrupting a crowded world of supplements

We're leveraging one of the world's largest collections of bacteria and enzymes

At Novozymes OneHealth, we have an extensive library of strains, enzymes, and bioactives we've built and extensively characterized both genomically and functionally. This bank is the foundation from which we choose lead candidates for new product development.

Cutting-edge data analysis and real world data lead to extraordinary solutions

We focus on predicting efficacy through assays and translational models, but we're also increasingly generating leads through data science. We do this by gathering thousands of proprietary, anonymized samples from real people, and combining this real world data with public and partner data. While recognizing patterns and identifying new product leads, we can also pinpoint common traits of health challenges that improve biomarker analysis and ultimately bring innovations to the market that help people live better and healthier lives. Our collection of data and library of lead candidates fuel our internal innovation pipeline and bring significant synergies to our strategic partners.

Our journeys never start in a lab, but with people

Today’s consumers are extremely health conscious and are actively pursuing ways to maintain their health. We want to enable health and wellness, and that’s why our quest for exceptional solutions includes more than just next level science and real world data. Instead, we've chosen to begin with proprietary consumer insights to help us uncover profound consumer health challenges related to modern lifestyles.

This means we provide our customers with clinically proven solutions that will have both a positive impact on human health and guaranteed market potential.

How data science helps us part with traditional thinking

Data science has the potential to revolutionize our industry, and as an early adopter, it plays a central role in our innovation and development process.

At Novozymes OneHealth, we apply data science in diverse areas, such as the extraction of insights from consumer data, text-mining of scientific publications, and in the data mining of large clinical datasets. These activities are driven by a combination of state-of-the-art computational tools and AI-based methods.

Our “Human-First Discovery” approach means we learn directly from real-world clinical data (human-first) in areas of interest. This direct view into how the microbiome and other variables impact the human host in different phenotypes is a perfect complement to the classical probiotic screening process known to the industry.

Our work is focused on building AI-powered predictive models that are continuously trained on new data. This is a completely new approach within the industry and allows us to identify new probiotic leads and biomarkers, increase the efficiency of clinical trials, understand modes of action, and much more. We can bring human context to our vast strain and enzyme libraries even before doing clinical trials, which greatly decreases lead-generation time.

Our data assets and AI-based discovery platform fuel our innovation efforts both internally and through strategic innovation partnerships.

Mathias Vassard Olsen, Full Stack Developer

No black boxes

Transparency is integral to everything we do at Novozymes OneHealth. Once we identify the mode of action needed to deliver a specific health benefit, we are then able to select the best probiotic, enzyme, or combination of bioactives to meet the task at hand. We develop, iterate, and then conduct pre-clinical and clinical studies to prove the solution works and to document its mode of action. We are committed to explaining a clear, transparent mode of action for every One-in-a-trillion solution we develop.

We’re never attempting to validate a solution’s efficacy so as to confer as many health benefits as possible, nor do we need to try and reverse engineer any processes. We purpose-build our solutions to address a specific health benefit.

Consumer demand and scientific validation go hand-in-hand

When we find a solution, we put it through rigorous testing that culminates in gold-standard clinical studies. The clinicals are risk optimized based on the predicted results from pre-clinical, randomized, and double-blinded studies. This is how we generate world-class science and research, and honor Novozymes' scientific rigor and high standards.

Across the product development journey, our venture-like business model ensures we regularly check in with both key opinion leaders and with consumers. We are dedicated to testing our concepts at each stage to optimize our product for our customers and end users.

We prioritize trust

All of our pre-clinical and clinical work is approved by a Scientific Ethics Committees. We also consult field experts to attain appropriate study designs, and consider regulatory requirements and statistical plans to ensure proven solutions meet the highest standards.

Before going ahead, all plans and trial data are presented to an advisory board. These world-renowned, subject-matter experts represent a breadth of knowledge capacities and expertise to ensure the trial is of quality and is responsible from all angles.

One-in-a-trillion solutions

Backed by gold standard scientific studies and clearly documented modes of action, our range of One-in-a-trillion solutions will deliver meaningful results for your customers. The only question is, what are you waiting for?



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