BioFresh™ Clean

Healthy smiles, naturally

Introducing BioFresh™ Clean, a solution empowering consumers to naturally remove and reduce oral biofilm, and maintain a healthy oral microbiome – even while on the go!

BioFresh™ Clean meets consumer trends for naturally effective and convenient oral care

Fifty percent of US consumers agree with the statement “It is hard to make my teeth and gums look beautiful and healthy, and clean them during the day or on the go.” This highlights the need for more efficient and convenient oral care solutions.

BioFresh™ Clean is a clinically proven enzyme combination that keeps teeth clean by removing and reducing oral biofilm, naturally. We’re responding to consumers’ search for naturally effective solutions and focusing on convenience, developing solutions for improved oral care at home and on the go – with or without the use of a toothbrush.

Expand and enhance your product portfolio with stronger claims using BioFresh™ Clean


Build effective

Differentiate yourself from the competition with BioFresh™ Clean, a clinically proven, naturally effective enzymatic bioformula that removes and reduces oral biofilm, while maintaining a healthy microbiome.


Develop a natural advantage

BioFresh™ Clean facilitates strong brand and product positioning in ‘natural’/‘free-from’ premium tier segments so you can justify a higher price point for both new and existing products.


Expand your products’ potential

BioFresh™ Clean can be used to expand consumers’ oral care routines beyond traditional formats to on the go solutions such as lozenges or chewing gums, paving the way for entirely new product lines.

Consumer insights are the impetus for innovative and advanced oral care solutions

Awareness around the importance of oral care is growing, as people progressively see oral health as integral to maintaining general health.

More than nine in 10 Americans agree that taking care of their oral health now will prevent other problems later.2

BioFresh™ Clean, a unique combination of enzymes supporting oral health

Meet consumers’ desire for more efficient and effective oral hygiene wherever they are, with BioFresh™ Clean. Built on consumer insights and over 20 years of research, BioFresh™ Clean aims to:

  • Naturally control dental biofilms without killing bacteria.
  • Harness the power of targeted enzymes.
  • Maintain a healthy oral microbiome.
  • Empower users to take care of their teeth when and where it suits them.

Mode of action

BioFresh™ Clean is a unique enzyme combination that selectively addresses different components of the biofilm matrix. By degrading those substrates, the oral biofilm breaks into smaller pieces and loses its ability to stick to the tooth’s surface. Oral biofilm is then transported away from the surface for a clean oral cavity with a healthy, balanced microbiome.


Greater biofilm removal keeps teeth clean and protected

The clinically proven enzymatic formula degrades the biofilm matrix, hindering harmful bacteria from adhering to the tooth’s surface. This results in a 47% reduction of biofilm buildup after 24 hours, and 60% more oral biofilm removal compared with brushing alone after eight days.

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