IBme Dual

A probiotic combination designed to target the gut-brain axis

From work, to travel, to recreation; these are just some of the situations in which signs of gut discomfort like gas, bloating, or embarrassing bowel movements can be a real problem. We’ve taken a holistic approach that focuses on both body and mind, to reduce not just physical gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort, but also some of the confounding factors linked to our mental well-being.1,2

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Uniquely developed to ease gut discomfort and associated psychological stress through the gut-brain axis.

With nearly 4 in every 10 people with signs of GI discomfort discovering their functional gut condition from episodes of stress3, it’s clear there is a fundamental relationship between the gut and the brain1,2,4. With IBme Dual, we can positively influence this connection5.


of individuals see stress as the main trigger of gastrointestinal upset and see it as a key overlapping concern3.


experience up to six signs of gut discomfort including bloating, gas, abdominal pain, unpredictable bowel movements, lethargy, and stress6.



of people suffering from gut discomfort believe it's important to also reduces stress and mental challenges7.

What is IBme™ Dual?

IBme Dual is a probiotic product that influences the gut-brain duality with two clinically studied Bifidobacterium longum strains. This unique, holistic solution has been clinically demonstrated to ease GI discomfort and associated psychological stress5. Consumers experiencing gut discomfort are explicitly demanding solutions to help improve their sleep, increase their energy, and provide overall support with signs of GI discomfort8

At present, most products for gut discomfort primarily address bowel habits but are yet to address the complex gut-brain interaction1,9. Many people with GI discomforts have mild to moderate physical indications, but also experience severe, frequent and pronounced stress and fatigue that interrupts their daily lives3,6. With strong intellectual property locked in, IBme Dual is built on the latest scientific discoveries that directly meets the pressing needs of these consumers2.

Developed with scientists and loved by end users

We develop our One-in-a-trillion solutions with scientists and key opinion leaders who seek to discover solutions for GI discomfort. Research shows individuals experiencing GI discomforts who are users of probiotics are excited by the prospects of a novel solution that could also target their associated stress3,5.

Clinically documented combination5

The combination of Bifidobacterium longum 35624™ and Bifidobacterium longum 1714™ has been studied in a population with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) who experience the physical and psychological impact of gut discomfort. It was shown that this combination of strains helps to reduce signs of discomfort in the bowel and normalize the amount of cortisol produced in the morning5.

The open-label exploratory study found that 82% of people with moderate to severe GI discomfort had significantly improved after eight weeks, while 66% of participants had a significant improvement after four weeks (symptom severity score change of ≥ 50 compared to baseline). Compared to baseline, the combination solution improved abdominal pain severity, abdominal pain frequency, abdominal distension, bowel habit satisfaction, as well as quality of life after four weeks5. Participants in this group also had a significant improvement in their morning cortisol awakening response5. Psychological measures were also reduced over time, exemplifying the dual-action, synergistic effect when compared to baseline5. This improvement in psychological measures was complemented by a reduction in the inflammatory tone, as measured in circulating blood plasma5.

A strain combination shown to improve signs of gastrointestinal discomfort6

Stress drives digestive symptoms

Our latest clinical study, published in the Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility investigates the connection between stress and digestive symptoms. This paper provides convincing evidence for strain specific probiotic interventions. Read it now on Pub Med.

How IBme™ Dual works in the body

B.longum 35624™ and 1714™ strains have both been scientifically shown to survive the harsh conditions of the GI tract, such as low pH (acidic environment) and bile1,4,10,11, and were discovered within samples from the human intestine10. This means they are naturally adapted to survive transit through the GI tract12.

Promoting an anti-inflammatory response

The strain B. longum 35624™ has been shown to promote anti-inflammatory cytokines in vivo (in preclinical murine models)13,14, and systemically in human clinical trials10,14,15. This evidence helps to unlock microbe-host mediated mechanisms related to gastrointestinal discomfort which can be improved by B. longum 35624™ and has previously been linked to the unique cell surface-associated exopolysaccharide produced by the strain10,16. This exopolysaccharide coats the strain in the form of a ‘sugar coating’ which is composed of a branch of different connecting sugars, and which has been shown to reduce an elevated inflammatory response16.

Improving our response to stress

During social stress, changes in brain wave activity patterns in specific brain regions were discovered following intake of B. longum 1714™ and could support our ability to process and cope with stress in our daily lives17. In a preclinical study, B. longum 1714™ reduced stress-associated behavior18 and in a placebo-controlled clinical trial in healthy humans, B. longum 1714™ could significantly reduce both perceived stress levels in daily life and cortisol output in response to stress19. Coping with stress is an important part of everyday life, especially for those who have additional worries such as GI discomfort, pain, bloating, gas, and uncontrollable bowel movements7,20.

Synergistically improves physiological and psychological markers of GI discomfort

The combination of the two strains has now clinically demonstrated a pattern in reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines (TNF-alpha) together with signs of associated stress in an IBS population5. These strains also reduced GI discomfort and normalized the cortisol awakening response, as demonstrated in an IBS population5. Both strains acted synergistically to improve these physiological and psychological markers in a population experiencing GI discomfort and associated stress5.

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Diverse options for specialized formulation

IBme™ Dual is available in several different formats, including finished product solutions.  


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