The origin of our One-in-a-trillion solutions

We aspire to find solutions to modern lifestyle-related health challenges

At OneHealth, we aspire to find solutions to modern lifestyle-related health concerns in consumers’ lives. Our discovery and development journey is multifaceted, with teams across our functions continually engaged in pursuing collective goals. Across the value chain, we’re invested in improving human health through insights, empathy, and exploring the new frontiers of cutting-edge technologies.

How we discover microbes of interest

We kick off our discovery process by engaging in dialogue with consumers to learn about their health concerns. The innovation arm of our operations listens closely to consumers and to the current state of the market, while breaking down the all-too-common silo between commercially facing functions and R&D.

Together, the team take these consumer insights and begin the exciting search for a solution. This includes our in-lab One-in-a-trillion screening process where we seek to find the unique solution that will offer targeted health benefits. The team utilizes next generation technologies that have been specifically adapted for Novozymes OneHealth strain selection purposes.

Once a couple of microbes of interest have been identified and proven themselves as useful in initial stages, they are transferred to the in-house microbial process development team.

Microbe ingredient development

Our microbial processing scientists have a mammoth task ahead of them each time they receive a new microbe from their innovation and R&D counterparts. As microbes are living organisms, each with unique temperaments and sensitivities, working with them is no easy feat!

With factors such as stability, viability, water activity, and safety to consider, the fermentation process of creating a food grade ingredient is an expert task.

The team ensures we can make enough of the stable product and that it retains its quality and complexities.

The next step is to produce it at a large scale with careful understanding and knowledge around the specifics of strain production. If a brand-new microbe makes it this far, it will be on its way to our formatting and formulation team.

How we support you in formulation

The co-creation journey is intricate, and our team of formulation experts is there with you every step of the way. We are unique in our exclusive ownership of a vast microbial and enzyme database. At OneHealth, we don’t buy common probiotic strains, so your product will be one-of-a-kind, differentiating you from any other brand on the market.

Together, we will create and develop a novel formulation around the active ingredients and health claims you’re looking to take to market. We understand regulatory concerns are always top of mind, and our experts will ensure everything is authorized in your target market.

We can pair our proprietary strains with nutrients and other substances such as botanicals, minerals, and vitamins according to your needs. We will ensure the active ingredient remains present and efficacious until the end of its calculated shelf life. Ultimately, we will deliver a final, finished product in your preferred format.

Product formatting options

Our team is experienced in handling our own strains and enzymes and equipped to formulate your product into formats such as capsules, tablets (including chewable), sachets, stick packs, or as a bulk powder. We also offer support on appropriate flavors for your product.

Finding the best packaging for your product

If you choose to buy our solutions in bulk and package your own product, our team will guide you through the proper materials to use and appropriate steps to ensure your product retains its efficacy and its quality.

Alison Winger

Head of Product Development

Ida Søgaard Larsen

Senior Scientist

Inge Knap

Health Science and Technology Lead

Expertise across the journey

We are an unmatched partner thanks to our competencies and investment across the value stream. We offer you support from conception through development, quality, regulatory, and marketing strategy, to ensure your product is unconditionally safe, efficacious, and market compliant.

Our global team is made up of highly qualified biochemists, microbiologists, enzyme specialists, formatting experts, and food scientists with a diverse array of backgrounds. Through the coupling of our knowledge and resources, guided by your ambitions, we promise a product that truly does what it says on the package. By reaching our collective goal, your future customers’ loyalty is highly achievable.

Production facilities and process

Novozymes OneHealth utilizes a hybrid manufacturing network which is foundational to our supply chain’s ability to work efficiently. We leverage our own in-house facilities as well as our international CMO partners to both customize and localize product offerings for our customers.

Our network offering also ensures that customers always get the appropriate service level for their chosen solutions. In addition, if you are seeking a specific formatting for your product, please reach out and we can find and identify a solution for you.

Accreditation and licenses

We do our utmost to ensure that all our solutions are attractive from a quality, regulatory, and ethics standpoint. Our products will often be GRAS, HACCP manufactured, ISO certified, Halal/Kosher certified, non-animal origin or vegan/animal cruelty certified, GMO-free, allergen-free, and solvent-free, where possible. Contact us for more information.

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