With our active ingredients, the journeys ahead are limitless

Premium ingredients supported by clinical trials

Our active ingredients offering is grounded in the knowledge that some ingredients have many benefits. In an effort to share high functioning ingredients with our customers, we have expanded our portfolio to partners who can leverage their impact on human health. Our active ingredients are supported by clinical trials evidencing their potential for application in several health areas.

An invitation to create aspirational solutions

At Novozymes OneHealth, we offer our active ingredients as 'building blocks' for new products. Customers can take these ingredients on their own One-in-a-trillion journeys and explore the applications relevant to their portfolios. In this way, you are free to conduct further clinical studies in the specific target areas relevant to you and your customers, all while knowing the building blocks are of premium quality and come with proprietary research.

Novozymes is a biotech company with over 70 years of experience and is the world’s leader in enzyme production, so you’d be right in thinking we know a thing or two about active ingredients. With our in-house ingredient production facilities and support from contract manufacturers, we can guarantee the specifications of our ingredients and support with our extensive knowledge around appropriate formats and ingredient combinations to meet your desired applications.

Alison Winger

Head of Product Development

Heidi Graversen

Product Design Lead, Oral Health

Michael Schilling

Scientist Product Development & Formatting

Confidence in quality and safety

Backed by our trusted scientific and regulatory teams, we have the utmost confidence in all our active ingredients. This means every product is certified as safe for human consumption and has assured stability in its respective formats.

Join the K2 revolution with MenaquinGold™

Our natural vitamin K2 produced using a patented chickpea fermentation process in our soy-free, non-GMO manufacturing facilities.

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