BioFresh™ 4+

An enzymatic solution eliminating oral malodor for up to four hours

BioFresh™ 4+ is a powerful new way to eliminate bad breath naturally and effectively. The enzymatic solution delivers clinically proven oral malodor control, with each application lasting up to four hours. Specifically developed for on the go formats, BioFresh™ 4+ enables you to provide consumers with a solution that makes a tangible, positive difference.

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Consumers are seeking a convenient,
long-lasting product

Our search to find the One-in-a-trillion solution to ending bad breath began with conducting consumer insights studies. Findings revealed the struggles of living with smelly breath,1 and some unifying experiences that comprise the customer journey.  


Bad breath awareness

Consumers feel embarrassed, insecure, and rejected.

Search for a fix

They try to practice optimal oral hygiene.

Bad breath returns

Unfortunately, bad breath comes back.

More research

Consumers search online, read reviews, and consult orthodontists.

More frustration

Despite all actions taken, bad breath persists.

Hoping for a solution

Consumers long for a product that is effective, convenient, and provides a long-lasting effect.

Bad breath spoils the moment

It’s no surprise that bad breath can impact people’s lives in a multitude of ways. Self-perceived ‘bad breath’ affects as much as half of Americans surveyed1,2 and disturbs the intimacy of 70% of consumers surveyed - and their loved ones.3 Consumers also report bad breath keeping them from physical closeness at work and in social situations.1 Ultimately, it can leave them feeling inferior.1

Current in-market solutions available to manage oral malodor are short-lasting or detrimental to the oral microbiome, providing little relief from a constant hypervigilance of one’s breath.

BioFresh™ 4+ is an active,

natural anti-malodor system 

New science confirms the most effective strategy to beat bad breath is to remove odorous compounds.

BioFresh 4+ draws on nature's own defense capacities, which are accelerated by the power of natural enzymes to create a fast-acting and highly active broad-spectrum anti-malodor system.

BioFresh™ 4+ is a clinically documented bioactive formula with a clear mode of action

Combines natural elements:

BioFresh™ 4+ utilizes plant extracts to battle bad breath. Unlike most effective bad breath solutions, BioFresh™ 4+ is microbiome friendly,4 meaning it is non-destructive and won't impact human and oral microbiome symbiosis.

Delivers proven and effective odor control:

Instantly targets and removes malodorous compounds such as volatile sulfur compounds causing bad breath. Clinically proven to be more than twice as effective as commercially available, zinc-based products.

An immediate and long-lasting effect:

Instantly starts to remove bad breath for up to four hours, ensuring a cleaner, fresher breath, and a clean mouth feeling.

On the go solution:

Convenient portable format provides a remedy for bad breath whenever it is most needed, while also mitigating the need to spit any substance out.

How BioFresh™ 4+ works 

BioFresh™ 4+ contains a plant extract that binds bad breath-causing molecules and neutralizes them in a multistep reaction, without harming the oral microbiota.5 The plant extract is activated by a natural enzyme (polyphenol oxidase) that swiftly positions the plant extract to interact with and neutralize specific malodorous breath molecules.

Mode of action

  • BioFresh® 4+ helps reduce bad breath caused by volatile sulfur- and nitrogen-containing compounds originating from foods and bacteria in the mouth.
  • This proprietary blend of enzymes and antioxidants (green and blue) effectively and broadly bind and remove volatile compounds in the mouth (red) that result in bad breath.
  • Together, these are passively transported through the digestive tract.

Watch our mode of action video to learn more.


How can we format BioFresh™ 4+ for you?

We can provide BioFresh4+ as a dry complex or as a semi-finished product in the form of a lozenge. BioFresh 4+ is highly active in application when water and air is available. Dry product formats are therefore necessary to keep the solution stable. That said, it's suitable for a wide variety of product types including mints, toothpaste tablets, mouth wash tablets, and chewing gum. Let your imagination run wild and let's have a chat about how to bring it to life!

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