A healthy oral microbiome helps you face the world with a smile

We’re daring to push industry boundaries and disrupt the status quo

For over 4,000 years, people have brushed their teeth like clockwork, every single day. Oral health is at the core of maintaining the ability to eat, a person’s social self, and is intrinsically linked to an individual’s overall well-being. And yet, despite this centrality to physical and mental health, there is still great potential for innovation to improve consumers’ oral health habits and confidence.

But just because old habits die hard, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be challenged. We’re in the business of rethinking tomorrow, so we’re taking these centuries-old oral health routines and situating them in a present of untapped opportunities.

Unlocking growth potential in new segments and formats

We recognize the oral care landscape is changing. There is an increasing need to meet consumer demands related to convenience, and safe/natural products, as well as an opportunity to improve the oral care user experience. As a result, other industries including confectionary, supplements, and beauty, are beginning to tap into this area.

Consumers are asking for quality, efficacious products that are also safe, convenient, and friendly to the oral microbiome.1 At Novozymes OneHealth, we’re leveraging our capacities as the world leader in enzyme production and expertise in human health to revolutionize the future of oral care.

The key to optimal oral health is the microbiome

The oral cavity has the second largest and most diverse microbiota after the gut. The oral microbiome is crucial to health as it serves to protect the oral cavity. However, this can become problematic as an imbalanced microbiota can cause both oral and systemic diseases such as gingivitis, caries, and periodontitis. Such conditions can be triggered by factors related to our modern lifestyles. Examples include a lack of sleep, diet, medication, smoking habits, or the use of products containing biocides.

This is why we’re focused on developing effective and microbiome-friendly products to maintain oral health.

Our solutions are developed and based on five key principles:

Healthy microbiome:

Balance a healthy oral microbiome


Meet care needs but always based on consumer insights


To educate consumers about the value of a healthy oral microbiome


To create and combine what is right for the consumer

Easing the way:

Simple and easy to use solutions, fit for a modern life

Solutions for oral health

BioFresh 4+

BioFresh 4+

Get closer with BioFresh™ 4+ a powerful new way to eliminate bad breath naturally and effectively for up to four hours.

Learn more
BioFresh Clean


Unleash your smile with BioFresh Clean a natural enzyme combination that keeps teeth clean by reducing oral biofilm.

Learn more

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