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Welcome to the One-in-a-trillion journey

Novozymes OneHealth is the Human Health unit of one of the world's leading biotech companies, Novozymes.

We are on a journey to deliver clinically proven and targeted biological solutions of probiotics, enzymes, and other bioactives.

We navigate in the unique microbiome with ambitious research that provides transparency and clear modes​ of action.

We are the lighthouse that illuminates the path to vibrant health. We stand out in the crowded consumer health market because we work with the latest biotechnologies to create proven products.

We are backed by Novozymes, the global leader in biological solutions, dedicated to rethinking tomorrow. Novozymes is known in biotech to apply the highest standards and cutting-edge technologies - and that’s exactly what we are bringing to the consumer health industry. Are you ready to be part of our One-in-a-trillion journey?

In December 2022, Novozymes and Chr. Hansen entered into an agreement to create a leading global biosolutions partner by combining the two companies. The goal was to unleash the full potential of biological solutions and generate significant value for all stakeholders and society. The combination was completed in January 2024 and Novonesis was born.

Novozymes A/S, part of Novonesis Group.

A new health paradigm

The remarkable discovery of antibiotics transformed the 20th century. These antibiotics were meant to make us stronger, but we now know disease reduction has a flipside. And with the increasing frequency of chronic immune disorders across the world and the growing severity of communicable diseases due to antimicrobial resistance, it’s time to rethink modern health.

Today, the focus has shifted and consumers are taking control of their own healthy living – and in combination with lifestyle-related conditions, the health paradigm has moved from treatment towards the encouragement of healthier routines and management.

But with this increased focus on consumer-empowered health choices comes an explosion of confusion and complexity. That’s why we’re here to Rethink Tomorrow by cutting through the clutter to help people make the right choices in a complex world.

We believe that together - with our partners, customers, and end-users - we can solve profound health challenges related to modern lifestyles.

Gilles Jequier

Head of B2B

Jill McCarron

Head of Global Brands

Michael Frantl

Integration, Collaboration and Culture Lead

You only have one health

Our name, Novozymes OneHealth, embodies our quest to find solutions to the most important challenges by taking a more holistic view of the concept of health. Just as we are all connected in this planet’s ecosystem, our health is interlinked across our body, from head to toe, via the microbiome.  

We only have one planet, one future, and one life. And to make a real change for the future of our health and well-being, we need to think about how everything is ultimately connected - both inside and outside our bodies.

The one video that says it all


What is the ‘One-in-a-trillion’?

We are looking for​ something tiny that can help solve the biggest challenges in human health. Using the 30,000 unique microbes and millions of enzymes we have in our bank, we target relevant symptoms and conditions from the mouth to the gut.

When you’re searching for the one microbe, the one enzyme, or biological solution that will make a difference to human health, you can’t search for them one at a time or even 10 thousand at a time. In fact, we simultaneously screen around 30 million possible strains in our hunt for that one solution among the trillions.

Current products in the consumer health space often have a broad approach and claim to address a range of concerns without documented proof of their mode of action. Our global reality of antibiotic overuse and resistant bacteria has driven us to focus on the beauty in biology and the ever-growing potential of preventative health through the microbiome.

The forming of the fellowship: How the quest began

Our journey began in 2015 at Novozymes HQ located in Bagsværd, Denmark. A select but passionate group of forward-thinking entrepreneurs came together to rethink the future of human health using Novozymes’ biotech engine. It was here we realized the potential of probiotics, enzymes, and other bioactives.  

More than just a growth opportunity, the human microbiome presented itself as a vast omniverse in which Novozymes could unlock  creativity and bio-innovation. To begin the voyage into this new territory, we acquired Organobalance GmbH in September 2016, a Berlin-based company with a strain bank dating back to the 1920s. With the team, we also adopted a unique solution that may help to reduce the load of H. pylori in the stomach: Limosilactobacillus reuteri (formerly known as Lactobacillus reuteri) DSM 17648.

As our form began to take shape, the need arose to develop a brand and a coherent, radical approach to innovation. This resulted in a business model where solution discovery and innovation processes begin and end with the consumer.

In 2019, a new strategy at Novozymes saw Human Health become an official Strategic Opportunity Area, and four ventures were established to challenge within the health categories:

  • Gut intestinal health,
  • Immune, metabolic, and cardio health
  • Oral and skin health
  • Cognitive health

Soon after, and with these key focus areas in mind, our next acceleration was the acquisition of PrecisionBiotics Group.

Along with our new team of colleagues came one of the world’s most documented strains1 for particular digestive distress, Bifidobacterium longum 35624™, as well as one of the most exciting innovations for brain health, Bifidobacterium longum 1714™. We not only expanded our competencies and technologies, but we also entered a completely new business channel: B2C.

The journey continues, and the acquisition of Microbiome Labs was our next advance, and the one where we became a truly global organization. With another channel – B2HCP – new team members, and a growing portfolio, our capacity to diversify our consumer (and health care practitioner) insights strengthened. And in late 2021, we welcomed our new peers from Synergia Life Sciences with their life-changing health ingredients.

Here to challenge the status quo

Novozymes OneHealth is unique. We are here to challenge the status quo in our industry and we’re leveraging our biotech muscle matched with new developments in AI and consumer insights to do it. The benefits of our products will be clearly demonstrable to end consumers because consumer experiences are integral to our endeavors. Our products’ modes of action are transparent and documented. We believe in our purpose to provide solutions that break down the ‘black box’ and ‘flagship strain’ approach associated with the supplement industry.

And as a global organization stretching across Asia, Europe, and North America we are uniquely positioned to answer the unspoken needs of the modern, global consumer. Are you ready to Rethink Tomorrow with us?

What is the One-in-a-trillion promise?

Our Brand Promise is an aspiration to identify and innovate proven solutions. This means when we identify a probiotic, enzyme, or combination of bioactives for a supplement solution, there will be no mysteries about how it works in the body. This is our ‘no black boxes’ and ‘no flagship strain’ approach to scientifically proven solutions.

The One-in-a-trillion promise for our technology brands means we are on a quest to:

  • Develop products based on verifiable consumer needs.
  • Prove our solutions work through a demonstrated, clear mode of action.
  • Further prove our solutions via gold standard, externally reviewed human clinicals.
  • Support the customer in understanding how to develop their own semi-finished or finished product concept including regulatory support, formulation, formatting, and positioning.

Inspired by science and driven by consumer insights

We may have more than 30,000 unique microbes and millions of enzymes, but it’s not the size that matters. Our data science and consumer insights foci set us apart from the competition. We don’t just compile a bank of an infinite numbers of strains, we search for the best strain available to address a measurable health benefit.

Our venture mindset keeps us agile and means we’re not precious. We innovate quickly, and regularly evaluate our progress. This willingness to explore puts us on the cusp of transitioning probiotics, enzymes, and other bioactives from being one-size-fits-all to becoming more targeted health solutions with a clear proven effect on human health. Rather than operate for the benefit of science, we ask science to operate for the benefit of people.

The science muscle behind our cutting-edge technologies

We engage Novozymes’ discovery and technology platforms and combine data science and predictive analytics to accelerate the discovery of impactful, health promoting solutions. We have access to next generation ultra-high throughput screening that was developed by our academic partners especially for Novozymes. Our future lies in leveraging our biotech muscle, machine learning, AI, and consumer insights to find and match the best microbe for each health concern.

Our brands

We are a house of brands with capabilities and expertise in spores, probiotics, postbiotics, enzymes, and nutraceuticals.

Each of our four brands serves a different market.

Our core B2B brand sits solely under the Novozymes OneHealth umbrella. We work with business partners to create distinctive products and tell inspiring stories to their consumers so they can stand out on the shelves.

Our B2C brand lives under the PrecisionBiotics name and focuses on direct-to-consumer solutions for digestive upset and the potentials of the gut-brain axis.

Our B2HCP brand is broadly based in North America, under Microbiome Labs. Working directly with health care professionals keeps us close to the needs of consumers.

Active ingredients is our newest offering. It consists of evidence-backed nutraceutical ingredients for specific health indications. These bulk-only ingredients are already on their own journey to fulfilling our One-in-a-trillion promise.

You are invited to join our every twist and turn as we shine a spotlight on beautiful biology, and accompany us on our accelerating journey forward with the use of advanced science.

Welcome to Novozymes OneHealth and our One-in-a-trillion health solutions.  

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