• Insights are an invitation for connection

Insights are an invitation for connections

To help people live healthier and better lives, our innovation journey must start and end with consumers. By leveraging and pioneering consumer insights to build data, we uncover their unmet needs and health challenges related to modern lifestyles. Our passion for consumer insights makes us insightful innovators who seek the beauty in biology without leaving our empathy at the door.


How empathy amplifies data-driven development

In the earliest stages of innovation, scouting, and concept development, we meet with consumers and begin to develop tailored insights by gathering 'less-readily' available qualitative and quantitative data regarding potential new solutions. This helps us to develop a deep understanding of consumers’ awareness around a human health concern while uncovering their core and often unspoken needs. Simultaneously, we interview health care professionals and industry experts to integrate their knowledge and observations with those of consumers.

Innovative solutions verified by end consumers

We combine multiple product innovation methodologies to create and test several idea propositions. This process helps us identify which idea we should pursue and develop into a full concept. To move our innovations into full concepts and winning ideas, we challenge our internal assumptions and redefine problems.​ This ensures we bring solutions to market that are verified by consumers, while also allowing us to build on the insights our customers need to go to market. This tailored approach is always complemented by traditional market data where we draw, structure, and interpret from industry reports.

It’s a whirlwind process but we approach it with pride as we endeavor to find One-in-a-trillion solutions that can help us shift the human health paradigm.

"What I love most about my job is the opportunity to help people feel better about their health. This brings me satisfaction every time I organize for a product to be shipped out."

Joslaine Dario Wan-Dall

Customer Service & Logistics Coordinator

Ready to part with the traditional thinking?

We exist to deliver clinically proven and targeted biological solutions of probiotics, enzymes and other bioactives that can help people take charge of their health. Our dedication to consumer insights allows us to help our customers create great end-solutions that are already validated by end-users.

We can propel our customers to stand out from the crowd by truly solving the needs of consumers. Together, we can Rethink Tomorrow and make a genuine difference to the future of human health.

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