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We are One team

This Culture Playbook illustrates how our unique culture empowers us on our One-in-a-trillion journey.

The world is continuously evolving

Consider the past decade, or even the past five years. Upheavals in one sector have enabled revolutions in another. Consumers have seized power and improving health has gone from something that takes place in a practitioner's office, to a democratized process that sees people in charge of their own well-being. But these breakthroughs have come with an explosion of choices as well as confusion; overflowing pharmacy shelves, the rise of functional foods, probiotics, and digital apps. Some people are putting greater trust in specific experts rather than longstanding authorities.

Now think about what will change in the next five, 10, or 20 years. As our health sphere continues to advance, a focus on the individual will increase the pertinence of probiotics, enzymes, and other bio-actives.

​In this market, we want to be the lighthouse that provides clinical validation and ambitious research that cuts through the clutter to help people make better choices in a complex world.

We help consumers live better, healthier lives

We support our partners to stand out and solve the needs of tomorrow's consumers. Together, we’ll solve profound health challenges related to modern lifestyles.

​We know that scientific expertise isn’t the only thing needed to get results. It also requires empathy and the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes; because creating solutions that help people live longer and healthier lives means listening to and understanding their wants and needs. We have only just scratched the surface of what is possible.

Our unique approach is the combination of commitment, science, cutting-edge technology, and insights into the modern consumer. This translates into scientifically validated products and transparent solutions.

This willingness to explore puts us on the cusp of transitioning probiotics, enzymes, and other bioactives from one-size-fits all products to more targeted health solutions with clear, demonstrated, positive effects on human health.

We know it won’t be a straight line, but we believe we are better suited than anyone. We're committed to making a difference because people’s eyes are open, and they are looking for answers. We call it rethinking tomorrow.

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