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Novozymes OneHealth
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Novozymes OneHealth was birthed as a new business area of the world-leading biotech company Novozymes. We are a team on a mission to rethink human health, taking advantage of great technologies and resources in our quest to understand how gastrointestinal health, protective immune health, protective metabolic and cardio health, brain health, and oral and skin health power the engines that are our bodies. Backed by Novozymes and their strong commitment to sustainability, we are confident we can help meet the UN's social, economic, and environmental development goals and ultimately, contribute to people living better lives in our ever-changing world.

Like all other Novozymes business units, OneHealth operates under the broader Novozymes' Values and Purpose: ‘Together we find biological answers for better lives in a growing world. Let’s Rethink Tomorrow’.

We are here to deliver on this purpose within human health.

The Novozymes OneHealth journey

Our culture connects us across locations

The Novozymes OneHealth team is located all over the world, and we're on a unified quest to help people live healthier and better lives


Our Copenhagen team is based out of the beautiful Novozymes Innovation Campus in Lyngby. Scientists and business minds work closely together in the campus' several laboratories and office space.

Just because we’re doing serious science here doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have fun. We celebrate birthdays and enjoy fun holidays and summer parties together. We practice what we preach by enjoying healthy lunches and snacks (and the occasional sweet treats – it’s all about balance, right?) as well as weekly team yoga.


There is a lot of excitement and energy in Berlin and the team is growing. Most of the team come to work by bike or train and enjoy spending time in the nearby Humboldthain park – a green oasis in the bustling city. At our Berlin office we have anaerobic capabilities, a food-grade lab, and lots of other laboratories. The Berlin team also enjoy healthy lunches together once a month, bake cakes for birthdays, and organize legendary holiday parties.


Our office in Cork is home to team members from all over the world who come together at a regular ‘Irish Coffee and Catchup.’ This is an informal meeting space where the team gets together to talk people and business - we promise it’s alcohol free! This team is always up for group events like ‘Scone Bake Offs,’ where the more dexterous bakers on the team prepare food and scones for social events.

North America

Our team from Microbiome Labs, affectionally knows as MBL, is based across the US and Canada and is always on the go! In North America we work remotely with a powerful enthusiasm to improve as many lives as possible. To promote a healthy work-life balance they have a ‘Live Our Values Week,’ where the entire company has the week off and comes back refreshed to a (hopefully!) empty inbox.

Although the team works diligently behind computer screens, they also focus on physical activity with coordinated fitness challenges that help keep them active and accountable. To publicly recognize colleagues who have gone above and beyond to support each other they have a ‘Caught Being Awesome’ channel, and also recognize a team member of the month.


Our office in North-West Central Beijing is surrounded by a garden with hundreds of different plants that were selected by Novozymes’ botanists 20 years ago. The green lawn, red columns, and blue glazed tiles make the whole building look calm and mysterious. It’s beautiful!

At the headquarters and R&D center of Novozymes China, there are world class facilities where over 200 colleagues from around the world work together carrying out cutting-edge research in various core fields – so the excitement level is always high. When working here you get the sense that you’re in a place that’s moving fast in the right direction and that Novozymes OneHealth China will continue to bloom even brighter in the coming years.


Synergia, the business area of our team in Mumbai, prides itself on achieving goals together and valuing teamwork. They take great inspiration from Indian Nobel Prize winners and have their portraits hung around the office.

Having a good time is important to the team, so each year they celebrate the Dusshera festival, though they try not to go completely overboard with all the delicious traditional sweets. We are a health company after all!


Our Swiss office is close to Basel, which is known as “tri-nationale” due to its location in Switzerland near France and Germany – so it’s a truly international and cross-border team. The location also makes it easy to collaborate with other parts of Novozymes as departments like BioAG, F&B, and others also have their home here. They are based in a building with open office space and a cozy kitchen area where they often meet for a cup of coffee.

Socially, they are quite active and have weekly catchups for the entire site, plus summer and Christmas parties - as well as celebrating birthdays and other social activities. They also love visitors, and always welcome colleagues to Basel with open arms.

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