Our team

A growing team with a global reach

We are a diverse team of scientists, business experts, consumer insights specialists, and everything in between.

We recruit the best minds in the industry and pair them with our own geniuses. We invest heavily in creating a team who can bridge the unique Novozymes OneHealth values with our entrepreneurial spirit and human health experience.

We have started rethinking tomorrow within human health – thinking outside the box, working in new ways, building different partnerships, pioneering health though data science, making groundbreaking scientific discoveries, and much more. We are on a mission to revolutionize human health.

We're not a top-down culture

In this video our General Manager (VP) Ulrich Irgens shares how each team member drives our culture at Novozymes OneHealth.

We only have One planet, One life, One future

This is a company where One person can truly make a difference.

"What we’re looking for is rare, and it takes a rare kind of person to help us find it. You’re here because we believe you will make a meaningful difference."

- Ulrich Irgens, General Manager (VP) Novozymes OneHealth

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Let us know if you have questions regarding our solutions or if you want to learn more about Rethinking Tomorrow within Human Health.

If you don't hear from us within 48 hours, then we apologize for dropping the ball and would like to know immediately: novozymesonehealth@novozymes.com 

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