The gut microbiome and coping with everyday stress

Hear Dr. Paul Enck discuss how the strain in ProbioBrain™ performed in his studies

Living with stress can impact health in a negative way. 67 % of people between 18 and 54 years feel stressed1.
Globally, we see an increase of stress, and we are so used to feeling stressed that many of us think it is a natural state of mind.

For the first time, a human stress study shows that the strain in ProbioBrain™ may improve the ability to cope with social stress, even though it cannot remove the source of the stress.

Hear Dr. Paul Enck talk about the study results.

Learn more about the mode-of-action of ProbioBrain™

ProbioBrain™ contains a bacterial strain called Bifidobacterium longum 1714-Serenitas®.
When this strain arrives in the intestine, it interacts with cells in the gastrointestinal wall. The cells then start to produce metabolites that send messengers to the brain making it easier to cope with a busy lifestyle.

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  1. Novozymes OneHealth proprietary insights, 2019, N=500

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