The ins and outs of manufacturing our active health ingredients

We manufacture our active ingredients at our in-house facility near Mumbai, India. Having in-house manufacturing offers our customers assured quality, security, and peace of mind.

How our production processes facilitate premium products and services

Ensuring we deliver natural, clinically validated ingredients has been our vision from day one and research indicates conscious businesses and consumers are increasingly seeking natural,1 clinically proven ingredients to support health claims.2 Of course, all of this must be built on the right foundations: Supplying premium products requires the highest quality standards. This is exactly why we produce our ingredients in-house, as it allows us to have control over all aspects of the manufacturing process.  

We also understand that in today’s world, multiple factors have the potential to influence where and when you can access your products. Producing ingredients in-house means we can help mitigate any potential supply chain issues that might arise when engaging additional partners.  

Welcome to our home in Maharashtra, India

Our Indian site stretches across 153,536 square feet (14,264 square meters). The state-of- the-art manufacturing facility is a center for excellence, equipped with a Quality Assurance laboratory, a microbiology laboratory, and a clean room facility.

The production hub is cGMP, HACCP, and ISO 22000 certified, and all products produced on site have Halal and Kosher approval. The center is home to our proprietary advanced, submerged fermentation technology where we develop and supply ingredients from including MenaquinGold™, our leading brand of vitamin K2. The facility is 100% free of soy.

Working seamlessly with our Danish HQ and across the globe

Our international team works in sync to deliver Novozymes OneHealth active health ingredients to customers across the world. Our global footprint means you will have access to support and guidance wherever you are located, at a sensible time of day. We know having peace of mind about your product is key in being able to serve your own customers well.

To read more, take a look at our vitamin K2 brochure



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