Vitafoods Europe was a blast!

Showcasing the Novozymes OneHealth brand and range of solutions

Returning with a physical presence after going virtual during the pandemic, Vitafoods Europe 2022 offered opportunities for knowledge-sharing and exploration. 

The pandemic has driven consumer interest in immune and metabolic health, and companies selling probiotics are recognizing this and responding. These products are still a new market gaining awareness among health-conscious end consumers, but in many countries, pandemic restrictions are gradually being lifted. This is great news for the industry. Competition is motivation, pushing producers to find new and innovative solutions. 

The show underlined the importance of the need for clearly differentiated products that stand out from the crowd.

Steve HowsonHead of Sales - EU, CN, RoW

So, in case you missed it, here is a rundown of our top three takeaways:

  1. Competition is shaping up which is good for innovation, but demands more clearly defined products.
  2. There is an increasing interest in focused, science-led probiotic-based solutions.
  3. Competitors are strengthening their health claims, both in clinical studies and brand communication.

The people we met were all happy to be back in a physical setup and our direct competitors were also present. Although there were [fewer] meetings than in a ‘normal’ edition, we had higher-quality interactions with visitors.

Gilles JequierHead of B2B

Across the exhibitors, a shift away from universal solutions and generic products attempting to serve multiple markets was palpable. And while this was our first Vitafoods under the new Novozymes OneHealth brand, several visitors already knew Novozymes and were keenly interested to see we’re investing our resources and expertise in human health.

Amidst growing competition in the nutraceutical market, customers and regulatory departments are demanding greater focus on health claims. This is becoming ever more important as due diligence in this arena should never be left to consumers alone.

Gilles presented our brand and portfolio of clinically tested solutions. He acknowledged that having engaging conversations with visitors has been more complex in the virtual space and was thankful this year’s hybrid format offered some support in that challenge.

Over the coming year there will undoubtedly be growth in the diversity of products, health claims and consumer interest in goods that align with their health philosophies. We look forward to exploring these developments at the next Vitafoods Europe.

There is a growing interest in focused [solutions], rather than one size fits all.

Alexandre Lepage

International Sales and Business Development

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