Novozymes acquires data science platform Biota

The acquisition of Biota’s successful microbiome R&D team and data science platform strengthens Novozymes’ leading microbe innovation capability. It will be a force-multiplier of the company’s current probiotic development activities and recent acquisitions in the consumer health industry.

Today, Novozymes, the world leader in biological solutions, announced the acquisition of the microbiome R&D team and data science platform, Biota. Based in San Diego, US, Biota pioneered industrial genomics using microbiome insights, impacting the economics and sustainability of several industrial sectors including energy, water, and manufacturing. As part of Novozymes, the R&D team and data science platform will strengthen Novozymes’ ability to discover and deliver beneficial microbes to the world with unique and scientifically proven health and sustainability benefits.

This acquisition fits well with our strategy, Better Business with Biology. Building on acquisitions we made last year within Human Health, we’re strengthening our expertise and capabilities within microbiomes, ensuring we extract as much value from these acquisitions as possible. With this investment, we take another important step in implementing the strategy and setting a foundation of growth for our business

Ester BaigetPresident and CEO of Novozymes

Combining forces for a competitive edge

The addition of Biota’s R&D team and data science platform will give Novozymes a technical edge for pursuing new opportunities and further strengthen existing solutions in OneHealth, Novozymes’ human health unit. Furthermore, the acquisition will act as a foundational enabler for many of its key industries, including Animal Health, BioAg, and Household Care. 

“Understanding micro-organisms and their role in shaping human, animal, and plant health represents tremendous innovation opportunities for Novozymes,” says Claus Crone Fuglsang, EVP and CSO of Novozymes and continues: 

“The experience of the R&D team from Biota in translating complex microbiome and genomics data into biological insights and health benefits using their world-class data science platform will be key to advancing our leading probiotics pipeline as well as pursuing new opportunities for future growth.” 

The acquisition will not only advance Novozymes’ ability to discover new beneficial microbes, but also help prove the application performance of those microbes, for example through clinical trials, for the benefit of people, animals, and farmers.  

The inclusion of Biota’s microbiome analysis software and R&D team into these activities will accelerate and de-risk timelines, and ensure complete and efficient knowledge extraction from trials by bringing unique expertise, best-in-class data pipelines, AI methods, and new ways of working into Novozymes.

“We welcome Biota employees to Novozymes. With our unique expertise within discovery and Biota’s strong R&D capabilities and data science platform, we will be in a unique position. It’s a position where we can develop new and scientifically-proven solutions and bring them quickly to the market,”

Ester Baiget

President and CEO of Novozymes

Biology as a Data Business

“The acquisition by Novozymes, a global leader in industrial biotech, is a testament to Biota’s innovations in data science and the compelling growth market for microbiome solutions. Since inception, Biota translated microbiome research from university into enterprise-grade diagnostics that resulted in measurable impact in both the economics and carbon footprint for several industrial customers.” says Ajay Kshatriya, CEO at Biota and continues:  

“Looking ahead, Biotans will continue to impact strategic decisions that improve the economics and sustainability of industrial processes. This acquisition marks the next exciting chapter in our pioneering work to commercialize Biology as a Data Business.” 

Novozymes has acquired this data science platform for an undisclosed amount that is immaterial to Novozymes financials. Biota will retain a commercial license to apply the data science platform for genomic diagnostics. 

About Biota

Biota is the pioneer of industrial genomics with a vision to commercialize Biology as a Data Business. Since 2014, Biota has delivered measurable impact to the economics and GHG footprint for customers in the energy, water, manufacturing, and mining industries. Biotans discovered foundational innovations in microbiome measurement and implemented innovative, enterprise-grade AI software for clients worldwide. Biota provides genomic monitoring solutions that impact strategic decisions with improved ROIC, increased operating margin, and reduced risk.

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