Join us at this year’s Vitafoods Europe!

Are you excited for Vitafoods Europe 2023?
We certainly are!

At, Novozymes OneHealth, we are stoked to be attending the event once again and to showcase our range of clinically documented biological solutions. We’ve got lots to share that could seriously boost your spirits (and your bottom line)!

The event is always jam-packed with an amazing range of products and solutions. So we try to stand out from the crowd with our awesome products and our even awesomer people. This spring, we’ll be showcasing our diverse products in the realms of brain, oral, and protective & immune health, as well as our spores and leading vitamin K2-7 which truly, is good for more than you think possible.

Come see us!

Book a meeting, drop by for a talk on our One-in-a-trillion solutions at Booth A104 and explore the possibilities of vitamin K2-7 and spores at booth D94, or join one of our speaker sessions and happy hour below:

Wednesday 10th of May 10:30-10:50 CET at booth D94:

Speaker session on "The power of the active ingredients: evidence-backed probiotic spores and Vitamin K2-7"

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Wednesday 10th of May 11.30-11.55 CET at the Probiotics Theatre:

Speaker session on ”Psychobiotics: The emergence of game-changing evidence for the future of mental wellness”

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Wednesday 10th of May 15-16 CET at booth A104:

15-minute speaker session on ”What's on people’s minds when it comes to mental health” followed by happy hour

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Take a look into our product portfolio

At booth A104 we’ll be showcasing our solutions within gastrointestinal, protective immune and brain health:

IBme Dual

IBme Dual

IBme™ Dual is a leading probiotic product on the market that influences the gut-brain duality with clear modes of action.

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IBme™ is a probiotic clinically studied to reduce signs of gastrointestinal discomfort.

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A new approach to maintain a calm state of mind©.


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Reclaim "joie de vivre" with Pylopass, a postbiotic solution that may help reduce the load of H. pylori in the stomach.

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At booth D94 we'll be showcasing our Active Ingredients:

MenaquinGold® – Good for more than you think possible

A recent Council of Responsible Nutrition (CRN) report estimated the risk reducing effect of using vitamin K2 on the occurrence of adverse heart-related events. In 2022 alone, if all US adults aged 55 or above had taken a vitamin K2 supplement, the net cost savings expected from reduced health care-attributed expenditures would have been $9.87 billion1.



HU58®, SC109®, SC208® - Designed by nature to survive

Our gut houses about 70% of our immune system cells2. According to our proprietary consumer insights studies, more than two-thirds of consumers view probiotics as supporting gut health, and 31% say they carry immune health benefits3. However, not all probiotics are created equal. While many live probiotic strains are sensitive to all kinds of exposure (heat, acidity, moisture, light etc.), spore-formers are better able to survive such harsh conditions, making them an excellent choice for a range of shelf-stable product formats4.


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