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Not all vitamin K is equal

FDA GRAS, natural, peer-reviewed

MenaquinGold® K2-7's patented fermentation process produces 100% yield of the most biologically active vitamin K isomer.

It's time

K2-7 is becoming a must-have vitamin for optimal wellness. In 2023, it reached a $102.9 million market cap, and is expected to surpass $400 million in the next 6 years. 

Unlock our proprietary science report, and learn why K2-7 is king.

Why is MenaquinGold®
the highest standard?

MenaquinGold®: Exceeding Expectations

  • Natural, non-GMO vitamin K2 MK-7
  • Zero-soy, zero-dairy, zero-gluten  
  • Vegan, Kosher, and Halal-certified 
  • Patented fermentation process

Clinically proven benefits

  • Works with vitamin D3 to maintain healthy bone metabolism 
  • Maintains balanced heart and metabolic function 
  • Supports healthy mitochondrial function and ATP production 
  • Maintains cardiac output and function already within normal levels 
  • Provides support for healthy muscle function and safely reduces the frequency, intensity and duration of muscle cramps 
  • Activates osteocalcin to support removing calcium from tissues and blood vessels 

$646,000,000,000 is spent treating conditions associated with K2 insufficiency every year

Get started with our K2 for Bone Health, Heart Health, and Beyond bundle, and we'll reach out with even more information about how to leverage this growing market.

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