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Our area of interest is developing targeted biological solutions based on probiotics, enzymes, and other bio-actives. And we value partnerships with others committed to improving consumer health. The pressure of modern life can affect diet, sleep, and quality of life. Today, many people’s diet includes too much sugar and not enough fiber, while our brains are affected by poor sleep and stress. Our biosolutions help people change that and also support other benefits, such as keeping calm under stress, boosting the immune system, and making our gut healthier, our breath fresher and our teeth and gums stronger.

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Solutions to help Menarini stand out from the crowd

Close collaboration and state-of-the-art technology are key to harnessing the opportunities made possible by biology. Partnering with us gives you the benefits of

over a hundred years of innovation and experience in biosolutions, enabling you to develop solutions safely, quickly and effectively.



A new approach to maintain a calm state of mind©.




Reclaim "joie de vivre" with Pylopass, a postbiotic solution that may help reduce the load of H. pylori in the stomach.



Our natural vitamin K2 produced utilizing a patented chickpea fermentation process in our soy-free, non-GMO manufacturing facilities.


Keeping up with consumer demands for better health

Consumers today want to improve their health. More and more we see evidence supporting the link between gut health and overall well-being, and the market for probiotic and microbiome products is growing.


increase in consumer consciousness surrounding gut health1


of consumers in China, UK, and US consider gut health important – and most predict making it a higher priority in the future2

8 in 10

prefer a product they can trust and that is safe to use3


have milder digestive health issues and most claim gut health impacts their overall health, including mental well-being and immunity4

Why not make more of a difference – together?

Both our companies are passionate about making a difference in consumer health and well-being. But research and development take time, which is why we value partnerships and close collaboration. And we’d love the opportunity to discuss how our probiotics and psychobiotics can play a role in furthering your product innovation goals.

When you partner with Novonesis Human Health, you have access to some of the best scientists in the industry. This dedicated team love nothing more than to push the boundaries of traditional thinking to prove hypotheses and bring unique ideas to life.

Unique strains for unique ideas

Ours may be a new company in name, but actually we are the uniting of two renowned companies – Chr. Hansen and the Novo Group. Altogether, we 10,000 dedicated and experienced people, here to help our customers and partners

When you partner with us, you can make use of our exclusive ownership of vast microbial and enzyme databases to create a truly unique product. This means you can be sure what we create together will be a unique blend or our proprietary strains and excipients to ensure you meet your intended health claims.

We’re fully equipped to assist you all the way through from ideation to packaging, marketing and training. We can also support your for bulk, ready-to-fill, and finished products.

A supply chain and logistics you can rely on

We meticulously source optimal ingredients without compromising probiotic supplement quality. Every function and every step is carried out by highly experienced probiotic experts, while our production process is fully vertically integrated to ensure first-class quality control from fermentation to delivery.

Our global team of regulatory experts will also help ensure compliance with local regulations. We can also help you meet certifications, such as halal, kosher, USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and gluten-free.

A match made for success

A strong desire to improve quality of life. A commitment to delivering quality. A passion for innovation. They’re just some of the qualities our two companies share. And that’s why we believe we together we could foster a mutually beneficial partnership.

People today want to take more control of their health and every life stage. And they seek solutions and products that fit their lifestyles and do what they promise.

Our role in helping them realize their goals is developing scientifically researched and clinically tested biosolutions. From prebiotics and probiotics to enzymes, novel vitamins, protein ingredients and many others, we’re sure we can help you bring your next biosolutions-based innovation to life.

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